Buddha seems to bring tranquility to Oakland neighborhood

Buddha seems to bring tranquility to Oakland neighborhood

"He hoped that just maybe his small gesture would bring tranquillity to a neighborhood marred by crime: dumping, graffiti, drug dealing, prostitution, robberies, aggravated assault and burglaries." And it did.

We'll be okay.

Eight years ago we elected President Obama. He promised change, reform, and even the end of the war in Iraq. Yet he got to the White House and realized there was no way he could responsibly end the war in Iraq. That probably took a lot of humility and grace. This country may swing right and swing left. Presidential candidates say a lot of things that are troublesome for people. However, looking back on this great nations history, I cannot see a single time where we ever ceased to be who we are as a nation. We are going to be okay.


Today in my 5th grade classroom, a new student did not have a notebook to use for collecting grammar notes. The young man sitting next to her said, "I have an extra in my locker that you can have."  And turning to me said "Can I go get it for her?" The young lady smiled so big and said thank you.  That young man wouldn't have known, but the young lady's family is going though a very hard time right now.  That one simple kindness really meant a lot.

Waiting to Help

I spent Wednesday signing up for volunteer opportunities in my community. The first one that I contacted was The MD Food Bank. Their next available Saturday shift for a group is Saturday, June 10. While we were hoping to do something sooner, it was a wake up call to me to realize that people were already active in the Food Bank and didn't need the election to motivate them. That made me so happy. We signed up for the available day and the waitlist.